Our Route

By far the biggest constraint for our planning was the time frame for the trip. In order to be back before Finn starts school and to minimize the amount of school that Lara misses, we “had to” travel from mid March to mid August.

Given free choice, we would have much preferred the European winter, the ideal time to go to both Nepal and South-East Asia.

The other consideration was to have some variety in surroundings (cities vs. moutains vs. beach) and transportation (busses, vs. trains, vs. hiking vs. car trip) during the trip.

After a bit of research we came up with a rough plan:

    • 7 weeks of Nepal (trekking and Kathmandu)
    • A few days in Singapore (stop-over)
    • 8 weeks of road tripping with a camper van in Australia
    • 5 weeks of Bangkok and beach life on the islands in the Gulf of Thailand
    • A few days in Istanbul (stop-over)

Here is an interactive map:



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