Monthly Archives: February 2013

EUR 782 for 158 days and the four of us

I just arranged our medical insurance for the trip. It covers everything (even medevacs), has no deductible, and is valid worldwide (except the U.S. and Canada) … all for 1.5 US$ per person per day. Not bad, considering it costs over EUR 600 to insure the family every month here in Germany.

Let’s hope that we’ll never use it.


“We might come back blind!”

_DSC8761Now that the flights are booked, we’ve started drawing up lists of what to bring along … and begun to pile up stuff in the corner of our guest room.

Last week, Finn told everyone at his kindergarten very earnestly that: “the trip will be fun, but we might come back blind”. Apparently he’s found some very exotic snake in a picture book about Australia, which can actually spit venom into its victim’s eyes … and is now very concerned about it.

While Anna and I were debating our packing lists yesterday, Finn came into the room and announced that he had found a solution to the snake problem (see picture). I think we’ll be hard pressed to find the space to bring four pairs of safety googles though 😉

EUR 8557 for 40 Flights


I just booked our last flight a few minutes ago. Truth be told, it feels like a load off our shoulders … the endless discussions about how much time to spend where are finally over.

All in all, we’re paying EUR 8557 (about USD 11,400) for our 40 flights. Of course none are refundable and dates can only be changed for exorbitant fees. Back in 2008 we paid USD 25000 for 84 flights. It might be a coincidence, but both times it’s almost exactly USD 290 per flight.