Good Bye and Good Luck

screenshot_476ListI thought it would be fitting to look back a little before stopping the updates to this blog. Being a bit of a nerd, I checked how many visits the blog actually got while we were away.

During the last 6 months the blog was viewed about 10000 times, or about 55 times per day. You all came from 50 different countries, not suprisingly mostly from Germany and the U.S. But some of you are from more exotic locals, we even got hits from Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Iran or Mongolia.

Meanwhile, our photostream on flickr was viewed 70000 times while we were gone, on average our pictures are viewed 388 times every day.

Currently about twenty people find this blog (via various search terms) every day. The traffic on our blog for the 2009 trip is a bit lighter, but even now, four years afterwards, we get mails from readers asking for tips or recommendations. We did the same when we prepared for our trips, so feel free to contact us via the contact tab above.

Until then, Namskaar, Good-Bye, Sawatdee and Allahaismarladik!



2 thoughts on “Good Bye and Good Luck

  1. Barbara Truemper-Green

    WOW – what a cool and interesting way to wrap up the blog – thanks I so very much enjoyed it (and learned a lot, too!). Are you back at work, or are you now retired? Seems to me you are too young, aber wie kriegst Du nur diese langen Ferien? Da wird man neidisch, besonders wenn ich zurueck denke an immer nur zwei Wochen Ferien hier in den USA! Bis dann! Baerbel

    1. Uwe Post author

      Hi Barbara … retired?I wish! No seriously, that is at least a decade away. The opportunity to take a long trip like this is through the parental leave program in Germany (see the FAQ tab above).



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