Hua Hin

I wasn’t so sure about Hua Hin. From what I had heard during my earlier Thailand trips, it was “boring” and catered more to the older crowd. Anna argued that we are both (boring and old) now and we ended up renting an apartment for five nights.

The all-day ferry and bus trip from Koh Tao was uneventful (largely thanks to having an iPad fully loaded with movies for the kids) and we step off the bus in Hua Hin just as it’s getting dark. The apartment itself turns out to be quite good (the lack of warm water being made up by a very nice pool) and in a perfect location …just a hundred meters away from the beach and within walking distance to the markets and restaurants in downtown.

The main attractions of Hua Hin are the beach, the seafood restaurants and it’s night markets … and all three is where we end up spending our time. The beach is quite shallow and just OK for swimming, but it stretches forever and is the best one we’ve seen anywhere in Thailand for long walks.

The seafood restaurants are nothing short of fantastic! Our favorite is Chao Lay and we return twice for their fish and to watch the sun go down from their deck over the water.

All in all, Hua Hin turned out to be a pleasant seaside resort with a good mix of locals, Thai tourists, expats and overseas visitors. No wonder the king spends his summers here!

We wouldn’t want to stay here for a whole holiday, but it’s perfect for a few days and we enjoyed it a lot more than I had expected.

A few more pictures here:

Next it’s back to Bangkok for two days and then we’re off to Istanbul.


2 thoughts on “Hua Hin

  1. Hannelore

    Noch einmal: Hoffentlich habt Ihr die schönen Strände genossen. Hier ist es heiss und für Schwimmbäder gibt es Wartezeiten! Grüsse bis bald, Mama



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