Arriving in the Darwin, we have to agree with what everyone has told us. There isn’t a single nice caravan park in the city … and so we choose the one with mediocre reviews, closest to downtown. As expected, we had a unpleasant evening, with drunk neighbors, who were playing loud music until midnight. Every time someone asked them to quiet down, it resulted in shouting and swearing … even Lara thought they were “rude”. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time that we had this sort of evening on a camp site in Australia 😦

The city itself turned out nice enough. Not really worth a trip in itself, but Finn and I enjoyed the Aviation Heritage Center and then we all went to the pool downtown. Due to the lethal marine life (stingers, crocs, sharks, …), many of the coastal cities turn their waterfront into public pools. We’ve seen it in Townsville, Cairns, Airlie Beach and have always enjoyed them. The one in Darwin even has artificial waves.

In the evening we went to the sailing club and celebrated Anna’s birthday … complete with local seafood, (loads of) wine and an incredible sunset.

Tomorrow we’ll return the camper and fly out to Thailand. After eight weeks we are all looking forward to getting out of the small van and having a bit more space around us. We’ve had our share of campgrounds for a while … in Bangkok we have an apartment waiting for us.



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