Litchfield National Park

Coming from Kakadu, it’s only a half day drive over to Litchfield National Park. This is the other famous park in the “Top End” and it gets great reviews from people who’ve been there.

Truth be told, we find it nice enough, but not the highlight that we were expecting. Like Kakadu, it’s huge, flat, featureless and a “boring” landscape. The big attraction are a few streams that flow over the escarpment, forming large waterfalls with swimming holes. These are “crocodile controlled” most of the year, which means that the rangers check for saltwater crocs for six consecutive nights, trapping and killing any that they might find. But, like in the Katherine Gorges, there is always the possibility of them “moving back into the area undetected” (as the warning signs say). The low water levels and the high tourist levels seem to make these swimming holes quite safe at this time of the year, and we decide not to worry. There are so many people swimming, that it’s unlikely that we’d be the first ones to be eaten 🙂

The swimming is fun enough, but two things are putting a bit of a damper on our days in the park. The refrigerator in the camper van has failed, there is nobody within a reasonable driving distance that can fix it, and the ice chest that we bought needs a constant refill of ice … also almost impossible to obtain out here in the bush.

On top, I haven’t been feeling well in the last days. It started with a cold, but now it’s turned into a bit of fever … with a constant headache thrown in. I can’t believe that this is the second time in the trip that I’ve gotten sick … usually I never do.

Tomorrow we’ll leave the park and drive almost up to Darwin, our final destination in Australia.



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