The Rock from Above

I did a bit of research beforehand and was quite surprised that helicopter flights “over” (“near” would be a more fitting word) Ayers Rock seemed quite reasonable. Also, the kids are still light enough to share a seat, bringing down the cost even more … to about EUR 200 for the family.

Anna and I kept it secret until the last minute, so you can imagine their expression when the pilot comes to pick us up. It really reminded me of their first flight, four years ago in New Zealand (see here: ).

It’s still early in the tourist season, business is a bit slow and we are the only clients this afternoon … which is great because we get to chat with the friendly pilot at length. The kids help to refuel the helicopter and then it’s off to see Uluru from above.

The actual flight is quite short, but we all feel afterwards that it was very much worth the cost. Only from above can you really see the rock in it’s setting … almost perfectly flat desert in all directions and to the horizon.

A few more pics here:

Tomorrow it’s back to Alice Springs to exchange campers. We’ll return our four wheel drive “box on wheels” and will get a smaller (and more fuel efficient) van … which we’ll take through half the continent and up to Darwin. There’s a lot of driving ahead in the next week.


2 thoughts on “The Rock from Above

  1. Beate

    Mann ihr Lieben – ich hab es Euch ja gesagt – Australien ist echt GEIL !!! Undine ist eben hier und geniest die Zeit in München – aber sie freut sich auch schon auf die Rückreise in 2 Wochen zurück in die Wahlheimat ! VIel Spass noch nächste Woche und gute Fahrt !!!!

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