Kings Canyon

Waking up in the Kings Canyon campground, we’re (again) a bit disappointed by the weather. It’s cool and overcast and the red rock and dirt is not as “red” as we expected it from pictures we had seen. The four hour “Rim Walk”around the canyon is billed as one of the most spectacular in all of Australia and our expectation are quite high as we leave the camper and start climbing up to the canyon rim early in the morning.

Three hours later we’re back in the parking lot. For U.S. standards, the canyon is small, maybe mid-sized. Certainly not comparable to something like Zion National Park. The walk however is quite well done, snaking around on the canyon rim with two or three dips into side arms,with quite a bit of vegetation. No disappointment and well worth a day … but we’re not sure whether it was really worth the detour of almost two days worth of driving.

I put a few pictures here:

Next up is Ayers Rock … which has been officially renamed to it’s Aboriginal name “Uluru” a few years ago. The forecast is predicting more normal (hotter and clear skies) weather for the next days … let’s hope that it turns out to be correct.



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