The Atherton Tablelands and Mossman Gorge

After Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, we headed inland again, up to the Atherton Tablelands. The contrast between the tropical coastline (mangroves, palms, sandy beaches … ) and the hinterland is quite extreme. As soon as you drive inland for an hour, the land rises up, the temperatures drop, and you feel like you are back in Europe. Anna thinks it looks like the British heartland … I think it has a lot of similarities to southern Germany or the dairy farming country just inland from the Northern California coast.

What makes it different from both of those are the huge stretches of untouched cloud- and rain forests. We went for a short walk to an observation tower, that reaches above the canopy … which really gives you a different perspective. Unfortunately, it started pouring (again), just as we were the farthest away from the car.

A day later we visited Mossman Gorge (a lower elevation rainforest), which was nice enough. A bit of hiking among the trees and then a refreshing dip in a swimming hole.

More pictures here and here

No real highlights, but more interesting than the coastal drive. We plan to skip Cairns (have to return there to drop off our camper anyway) and head straight to Port Douglas, which we’ve heard nothing but good things about.


3 thoughts on “The Atherton Tablelands and Mossman Gorge

  1. Yvette Cendes

    I’ve gotta say I’ve thought more than once about what a photogenic bunch you are- last pic is indeed a perfect example of this!

    By the way I was wondering- is it currently rainy season or are you guys just unlucky with the weather? I always assumed there were wet and dry seasons pretty much everywhere in Australia, but then I can’t quite figure out why you’d deliberately plan to spend weeks in an area during the equivalent of monsoon season so thought I’d ask. 🙂

    1. Uwe Post author

      Hi Yvette, it’s supposed to be the beginning of the dry season here … at least that’s how we timed our visit. Unfortunately, it seems to be colder and rainier than most years 😦



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