A day with Tom

After our day at Keppel Island we pointed the van north again. Truth be told, the landscape along the coast has become quite boring. Featureless and flat with endless sugar cane fields, mixed up with a bit of forest here and there … very much unchanged for hundreds and hundreds of miles (and hours and hours of driving).

In Mackay we visited our friend Tom and his family. We had met him and his daughters on Lara’s birthday in Namche Bazaar and then again further up on the trail to Everest. He immigrated from Denmark in his twenties and has worked in the mining sector ever since … it was quite interesting to spend a day with him and get his perspective on life in Australia (and how it differs from Europe or the U.S.).

He also took us to his farm, which is up the Pioneer valley and close to the Eungella National Park. The area is known for it’s Platypus population and we (after waiting completely quietly for almost 15 minutes) actually saw two of these extremely elusive animals in a pond about 100 meters away from his house.

The landscape up on the plateau looks almost a bit like southern Germany. Rolling hills, dairy farms ..and it felt good to get away from the (boring) coastal drive for a day.



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