Snorkeling off Keppel Island

After weathering another day of torrential rain on a campground, the forecast finally predicted a sunny day and we decided to take a day trip out to one of the islands to see what the snorkeling is like.

Keppel Island is only a few miles away from the little town of Yeppoon and we signed up for an all-day tour, consisting of some time in a glass-bottom boat and snorkeling, followed by “boom netting”.

After the boat took us across to the island, we spent some time on its beaches … which turned out to be absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the water also turned out to be quite cool (trust me, it’s a lot colder than it looks on the pictures).

While in the glass bottom boat we saw a large sea snake (a first for me) and the snorkeling turned out to be OK-ish (the visibility was not great). But it was Finn’s first time snorkeling ever and he did absolutely great. (Un)fortunately I think he got a bit spoiled … the first animal he saw after putting his mask in the water was a large sea turtle (you don’t exactly see them constantly). I’m afraid that has set his expectations quite high for his future snorkel life.

The day finished off with some “boom netting”, an activity I had never heard of before. Basically a net is dragged behind the boat, to which people hold on to. I personally didn’t quite see the appeal, but Anna and Lara tried it for a few minutes … before the water got too cold to stand it any longer.

All in all we had a fun day out, but (like so often here) were left wondering a bit whether it justified the high price tag.

I’ve put a few more pictures here:



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