The Sunshine Coast

After leaving the Australia Zoo, we headed east and got to Caloundra beach on the Sunshine Coast within an hour. Looking back now, we should have stayed the day, but the water didn’t look all that clear and it was quite overcast and cool … so we decided to let the kids splash around for a bit before heading further north along the coast. The next stop was the (very nice) town of Noosa and we watched the surfers a bit while picnicking. We also had a good look at the map and realized that we hadn’t come very far at all … considering the total distance we wanted to cover. That, and the surprisingly cold weather and water, made us decide to get moving and we covered another 300 kilometers before pulling in at a free roadside campsite for the night. There are quite a few of them in Australia, some with picnic tables, simple toilets and BBQ grills to use … others are nothing more than a bit of level space to put a camper or two on.

The next days we slowly made our way north and stayed two nights in the town of Agnes Water on the Capricorn Coast. Quite frankly, we were a bit disappointed by our days on the beaches so far. The weather was quite overcast and we had two days of solid tropical downpours … and there really isn’t too much to do in the rain. When it was not raining, it was pleasantly warm, but the water temperature was A LOT colder than we had expected. Lara sticks it out for a few minutes, but Finn (who is just skin and bones) starts shivering almost as soon as he gets into the water … even while wearing a short wet suit.

The beaches as such are nice enough, but (at least so far) I wouldn’t call them spectacular. Nothing you wouldn’t see in south-east Asia or the U.S.

Speaking of the U.S. … the landscape along the coast is very very similar to that of North Carolina or Florida. Maybe we just have to go further north or to the islands off the coast to see Australia’s beaches at their best.


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