Australia Zoo

After visiting the Singapore Zoo at night (which was a lot more fun than I had expected), we were planning to skip the Australia Zoo. Anna and I aren’t really that interested in Zoos anyway … and the price tag of a “reduced” family ticket (USD 150) put us off even more.

By sheer coincidence, we ended up overnighting at the fairgrounds in Beerwah (cheaper than a campground) and woke up only 5 kilometers away from the zoo. We had done quite a bit of driving the days before and, after a bit of back and forth, decided to treat the kids to a day outside the car.

Except for the Steve Irwin cult (which is a way overdone), we actually liked the zoo a lot. Not so much for the highly acclaimed show at the “Crocoseum” (imagine a sports arena like setting in which crocodiles are fed chickens), but for being able to interact with kangaroos and koala bears. The collection of native animals is quite amazing and there are a few, which we’ve never seen before. Cassowaries do look very strange … and Tasmanian Devils are way scarier than pit bulls.

We made a good day out of it (in spite of the afternoon rain), but weren’t sure if the experience really warrants the hefty price tag. A reoccurring theme here in Australia … but more on that in a later post.

Here are a few shots I took:


One thought on “Australia Zoo

  1. Hannelore

    Hallo, wie geht es Euch heute an Pfingsten?
    Die Zoofotos machen uns viel Freude. Aber Lara und Finn, das Krokodil hätte ich nicht so mutig gehalten, obwohl es so freundlich schaut wie ein Kätzchen! Ich kann gut verstehen, dass Ihr Spass hattet – trotz der heftigen Preise.
    Was kommt als nächstes? Viele Grüße, Oma



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