After taking an overnight flight from Singapore, we arrived in Brisbane just after 6:00am in the morning. The camper rental didn’t open until 10:00am and so we had a few hours to kill in the small airport … the kids fell right back asleep.

Picking up the van was very quick and by lunchtime we had found a parking place in downtown (hard), gotten ourselves an Australian SIM card (easy) and bought a first supply of groceries (crazy expensive).

Back in Germany, we had spent a long time researching campers on the internet, and I think we’ve made a good choice. Jucy is one of the larger camper rental companies in New Zealand and they are now branching out into Australia and the U.S. … we took the largest van they had, the “Condo”. So far, we think it’s really well thought out (Anna does complain about the soft mattress a bit). It’s got a fridge, a two burner stove, a 60l water tank … and the kids even discovered a DVD player on the ceiling … not bad for EUR 50 per day. The only thing not to like, is the paint job.

Since we had to get visas for our upcoming stay in Thailand, we decided to spend the night in a RV park close to downtown. That also allowed us to take a bus into town and me to take a break from driving on the left side of the road (very stressful in heavy commuter traffic).

We didn’t spend much time in the city itself (the 3rd largest of Australia and fastest growing one), really just enough to have a quick look around downtown and to get our visas at the Thai consulate. After three nights we were off again … the kids want to get to the beaches … and Anna wants to go wine tasting.


One thought on “Brisbane


    Hallo, Ihr Abenteurer! Ich habe lange nicht geschrieben, aber alles verfolgt. Ingo gab mir auch die Nachrichten weiter, die über facebook kamen. Hier war immer wieder etwas los, nichts Aufregendes allerdings.
    Der Camper scheint in Größe und Ausrüstung zu sein wie der, den wir damals gemietet hatten. Auf den Campingplätzen gefielen uns vor allem die Schwärme knallbunter Vögel. Seht Ihr die auch so? Besonders in den Abendstunden. Und einmal verbrachte ein wombat die Nacht unter unserem Wagen, wohl wegen der Wärme? Dabei war es wirklich warm genug tagsüber und nachts. Ihr habt es ein bißchen herbstlich, sagtet Ihr neulich.
    Lara, keine Angst mehr vor Schlangen? Besser doch! Wie war es am Strand? Ich beneide Euch.
    Zur Zeit fehlt mir Eure Hilfe im Garten, Finn und Lara, ich brauche Euch, auch sonst … .
    Gruß, Oma



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