A few Days in Singapore

As expected, the four of us had a great time in Singapore. Delicious (safe) food, friendly people, a hotel with a pool, efficient public transport, interesting architecture and museums … what’s not to like? Oh yes, I almost forgot … things are a bit pricey here 😦

Even the kids are beginning to understand that things here are a bit different than in Kathmandu:

“What do you mean, wait for the bus? Let’s just take a taxi?”

“Drink tap water? Why can’t we just order a few freshly squeezed fruit juices?”

“I don’t feel like rice … can I just order a steak?”

What does not bode well for the next two months, is that the Australian tourists seem to think that everything here is very reasonably priced 😦

We spent the three days alternating between walking around town and spending time at the pool … which the kids are constantly begging for.

The city itself has changed quite a bit since I was here last in the 80’s (there used to be open water in place of the Marina Bay Sands) … but not for the worse. There are new museums and a boatload of interesting new architecture to see. The open air food markets (hawker centers) are still a great place to eat good food for a very reasonable cost and it’s still one of those cities that I would have to live in for a few years (with a proportionate salary).

As I’m typing this the kids are spending their last hour in the pool, then it’s off to the airport and Australia.

I’ve put our Singapore pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/uwefassnacht/sets/72157633406989808




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