The girls are back … and I’ll make a run for it

After a ten hour descent from 4500 m, the girls arrived (totally beat) in Namche. As you can imagine, Finn was very happy to see mommy and Lara again … as was I. They haven’t seen warm water in nine days and immediately jumped in the shower.

Last night I was joking with a Sherpa that I might just have enough time to "run" up to Base Camp by myself … and then down again with a (small) chance to meet the rest of the crew in Lukla, just in time for our flight back to Kathmandu. After a bit of back and forth he convinced me that it’s actually doable … even for a non-Sherpa like me. Due to our first attempt, I should be acclimatized up to 4500 meters, leaving only 1000 more meters up to Base Camp. Looking at the map, success is going to hinge on me being able to cover two normal days in a single one … and of course on staying healthy and not getting altitude sickness.

Truth be told, after a week with Finn, I’m looking forward to some alone time and a bit of walking (instead of hanging around town). The very worst that could happen is that I miss the return flight to Kathmandu and then have to move to the back of the queue. But we have plenty of time before our international flight to Singapore … and there is no risk of missing it.

So while Ute, Anna, Lara and Finn will have a day or two of R&R in Namche (and then slowly walk back to Lukla), I’ll take the very minimum of weight and see if I can make it up and back. Should be fun!

That also means no more post with pictures for the next week or so … the satellite connections further up are just too slow.


5 thoughts on “The girls are back … and I’ll make a run for it

  1. Hannelore

    Hallo, ich glaub´es nicht! Der Berg ruft! Hast Du es lange und gut überlegt? Vielleicht kannst Du Dich einer Gruppe anschließen, das wäre sicherer.
    Auf jeden Fall alles Gute und wir drücken die Daumen, dass Du gesund (und zufrieden) zuirückkommst. Mama

  2. Frank

    Congrats Ute, Anna, Lara!
    Finn, don’t worry, your immune system is building, and will kick butt over our wimpy germ-free American ones!
    Uwe, god speed, flash it!



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