Back in Namche Bazaar

After saying good bye to the girls and our guide, Finn and I stayed another day in Deboche and didn’t do much except visit the famous Tengboche monastery. He seemed to be doing better, but still wouldn’t eat anything except for a few bites here and there.

Truth be told, I was pretty shocked when I took off his shirt to help him wash last night (hadn’t done much of that lately due to the severe cold). He’s lost a lot of weight and there isn’t much left except for skin and bones 😦

It’s time to adapt and for the next week I’ll let him eat anything he wants … including candy bars.

This morning we packed up and started to hike back down to Namche Bazaar. Including breaks, it took us about seven hours and Finn did just fine on the trail. Honestly, I don’t understand where he takes the energy from … certainly not from the food that he doesn’t eat.

We found a great guesthouse, had dinner (I managed to put a quarter portion spaghetti into him) and he went straight to sleep.

Anna called a few hours ago and the girls have made it to Lobuche by now. None of them have any altitude symptoms and the only thing they are complaining about is the cold (around -10C). They went up to 5000m of altitude today and are now only about 1.5 days of hiking away from the goal … I think they’ll make it!



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