We’ve split up

After spending a rest day in Deboche, we were really looking forward to going back up for our second attempt.

Unfortunately, I woke up at about midnight and heard Finn groaning in his sleeping bag. By the time I was out of mine, he was already throwing up.

Over breakfast we all discussed our options and the next steps:

– It’s now clear that Finn did/does not have altitude sickness (we are way to low for that) and that he’s caught some sort of virus instead.

– It’s also obvious that it would be irresponsible to take him back up to altitude

After a long discussion we decided that I would stay down with Finn, while the others go back up. Ute is doing great, Lara absolutely wants to "make it to Base Camp" and Anna has never been there before. Unfortunately, that also means that I won’t have the chance to see it again.

Yes, I’m pretty bummed … and I’m not really looking forward to waiting around for the others (they will take at least eight days). But I guess Finn and I will make the best of our time together. Maybe take a few short hikes, visit some of the surrounding villages and take advantage of the comforts (Bakery, Pizza, …) that Namche Bazaar has to offer.

Finn is taking it pretty well. He would have loved to go on, but also realized that he can’t make it. We’re seeing 4 or 5 helicopter rescues per day and he told us that he does not want end up as sick as some of the people they are carrying into the helicopters.

Unfortunately, he also sees it as "his fault" and told me a few minutes ago that "if I could only have held it in tonight, I could now go up with Mommy and the others". It will take some explaining and time to make him see that he (we) just got unlucky.


5 thoughts on “We’ve split up

  1. Hannelore

    Ich denke, Ihr macht es richtig! Vielleicht habt Ihr Zwei (Männer) noch einmal die Chance, gemeinsam dorthin zu kommen. You never know ….
    Finn ist sicher zu trösten. Wir hoffen, es geht ihm beser.
    Die drei Frauen werden es gemeinsam schaffen – da bin ich sicher.
    Weiterhin gute Besserung für Finn! Mama

  2. Yvette Cendes

    Poor kid! 😦
    Just remind him that there are always other trips- and you’re at just the beginning of a good long one come to that.

    1. Uwe Post author

      Hi Yvette,
      exactly … the mountain will always be there and he’ll have plenty of chances to come back (if he wants to).

  3. Ingo

    Bestimmt wird sich noch einmal für Euch Beide die Chance auftun zum Base Camp zu kommen.
    Weiterhin alles Gute!

  4. Anonymous

    Boy this story reads like a good suspense novel. Once again I am living through your exciting lives! Sorry to hear about Finn’s illness, but you made the right decision. I hope the girls have fun. Sounds like a party I would love to be at. Kisses to everyone. Sue



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