Finn is sick

After our acclimatization day in Pangboche, we went up to Dingboche (4500m) for the night.

Unfortunately, Finn started complaining about a stomach ache on the way up … but seemed fine once we reached our guesthouse in the afternoon.

Again, it was a lot colder than expected and we all spent the evening with our thick down jackets on. At about 7:00pm, Finn started vomiting … giving us quite a scare. He had shown no other signs of the altitude (e.g. a headache) and we had ascended so slowly and carefully that it seemed very unlikely that he was reacting to it. On the other hand, we had met quite a few people on the trail that had caught some sort of virus, were having stomach problems and vomiting …. making it very likely that he had picked it up as well somewhere along the way.

Finn was throwing up every hour or two … all night long. Not pleasant at home, but a lot worse up at 4600m in sub-freezing temperatures. Needless to say that Anna and I didn’t get much sleep … and were quite worried.

By the time the sun rose, Finn was pretty weak and we decided to take no chances with the altitude and descend. We went down almost 800 meters today and Finn somehow managed to walk all seven hours of it.

We are now in our guesthouse in Deboche and, even though it’s around freezing, it feels incredibly warm to us. Amazing what a difference it makes to be 800 meters lower and out of the cutting wind. Finn still isn’t eating much, but at least he’s stopped throwing up.

We’ll have a rest day here and visit a monastery … let’s see how things look the day after tomorrow.

Theoretically, we still have the time for all of us to make it up to Base Camp in a second attempt. Another option is to split up and have one of us stay back with Finn, while the others continue up. The rest of us, including Lara, are doing perfectly fine.


5 thoughts on “Finn is sick

  1. miss marple

    Liebe Ute. Bleiben Sie gesund. Wir senden sonnige Grüsse aus dem Rheintal. Miss Marple und der Rest der Bande. Sie wissen schon …
    Gute Besserung und weiterhin gute Reise.

  2. Hannelore

    Hallo Ihr 5,
    ich denke, Ihr macht die richtige Überlegung! Es ist gut, dass Ihr abwarten wollt, ob es Finn wieder besser geht und er zu Kräften kommt. Wir denken oft an Euch und drücken die Daumen, dass alles für alle von Euch so weitergeht wie gewünscht.

  3. Barbara

    Lieber Finn und ihr alle – ich bekomme Gänsehaut wenn ich das lese – für solche Strapazen wär ich viel viel zu bequem – nein da lieg ich doch lieber in meinem warmen kuscheligen Bett. Hoffentlich geht es Finn bald wieder besser und ihr könnt noch ein bisschen weiter.
    Heute schien in Tü die Sonne und eure Lorbeeren sind eingepflanzt. Habt ihr nicht Heimweh?
    Herzlichst Barbara

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