No pictures for a while

Even though quite a few guest houses claim to have internet access, in reality the connection speed is miserable. Uploading a blog post with pictures takes about half an hour and costs around $5 (satellite links are expensive).

The other option is the cell network and we do have a signal on and off during the day. But data traffic (EDGE or 3G) hasn’t been working since we left Namche Bazaar.

I’m afraid the next few blog posts will be text only.


2 thoughts on “No pictures for a while

  1. The Gogos

    Good luck, all! We are thinking of you and sending good thoughts for success to Base Camp. Love following your adventures from here! We are on Spring Break in sunny California and just enjoying the beach and the start of baseball season. Not so exciting, but the warm sun has been nice for us. Happy travels & big hugs! šŸ™‚

  2. Liz Gogo

    PS: Jude says happy birthday and good luck. Kai says “hope you had a lovely birthday” and “you had a beautiful cake and candles” Love, Kai and Jude (Jude is very impatient for the next part of the story)



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