Happy Birthday Lara!

We woke up early today and got started on our acclimatization walk at 8:00. Good thing we did, because by the time we were up the hill behind the town, the clouds started rolling in. But not before we had a few minutes of totally clear view of Mt. Everest. From here it’s still quite far away and doesn’t look very impressive … still, Lara felt that it was a very cool birthday gift to get a glimpse of it.

We were back in Namche by 3:00pm with enough time to pick up a birthday cake and a few candles for Lara. Even the tea house owners, other guests and our guide gave her some small presents. As usual, she enjoyed being the center of attention and we all had a nice evening.

What worries me a bit is the weather pattern. The mornings are beautiful, around noon the clouds get thick and by 3:00pm it has always been raining. Higher up, it’s snowing lightly … hopefully we’ll make it into the lodges by the time the rain / snow starts.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lara!

  1. Barbara

    Liebe Lara, etwas verspätet aber lass dich ganz ganz fest drücken. Ich leg dir Gummibärchen auf dein Bett – die warten auf dich! Alles Liebe von deiner Nachbarin Barbara



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