Festival and Fever

Yesterday was the Hindu Holi Festival, which celebrates the arrival of Spring. People throw color on each other in the street, accompanied by (at least in our neighborhood) huge speakers that pump out non-stop techno dance music. While Anna and Ute were having fun, the kids were a bit scared of it all and didn’t really know what to make of it.

Unfortunately, I missed it completely. I've had a bad cold for almost two weeks now but managed to just ignore it. Yesterday, that wasn't possible any longer …. when I woke up with a fever. NOT GOOD just before flying up to Lukla and starting our trek.

The pharmacies here are selling almost everything over the counter (no need to see a doctor) and so I got myself Azithromycin and Pseudoephedrine, drank plenty of water and stayed in bed. It seems to be working … as I'm typing this, I'm already feeling better.

We also have our gear shopping/renting list complete and met Chure, who will be our guide for the trek. Truth be told, you don’t really need one (the trail is impossible to miss) … but it helps to have someone along that arranges accommodation and speaks Nepali in case things go wrong. He seems like a very nice guy and actually grew up close to the Everest region. Sometimes he leads climbing parties and has been on the South Col of Mt. Everest (no oxygen!) as a high altitude Sherpa … I think he’ll be quite bored with us.


One thought on “Festival and Fever

  1. Hannelore

    Ihr Lieben, wir sind zurück aus B., leider so häßlich im Winter mit Schnee und Eis. Aber wie immer interessant.
    Zuerst ein Blick, wie es Euch geht. Deine Erkältung klingt nicht gut, aber was kannst Du tun? Jetzt seid Ihr schon auf dem Weg, wie wir sehen. Und Finn mit dem großen Rucksack!
    Heute kam Christine mit den Kindern vorbei, es war mal wieder etwas los hier! Eine schöne Abwechslung. Weiter alles Gute Euch allen !



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