Three Days to go



Finn had his last day at Kindergarten yesterday and Monday will be the last day of school for Lara … Tuesday afternoon we’re off to the airport.

We’re spending this weekend in a mad rush to get everything checked off on our to-do list and to buy some last minute things. Hair cuts for Finn and myself would be a good idea as well ­čÖé

We’ve also┬ástarted “pre packing” a bit to make sure that we will be able to fit everything into our four bags.┬áSince we only have 20 kg baggage allowance each, we won’t be able to take enough cold weather gear (warm sleeping bags, down jackets, …) for the Everest Trek.

The plan is to rent/buy equipment in Kathmandu and then to ship all the heavy hiking gear back to Germany once we’re done trekking.

Hopefully that will get rid of enough stuff to allow us to continue with only three bags onwards to Australia and Thailand.



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