Last night we got the second round of shots (Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis, ….) to prepare us for the trip.

Lara tends to be unduly dramatic (plenty of scared looks and even some tears before it even starts), but Finn was quite the trooper and almost a bit disappointed: “Ohhhh … I thought the needle would be much bigger!”.

The total bill to get the four of us current on all our vaccinations will be about $1500, good thing the insurance covers it.

By the way, when the doc discovered that I never had a Rabies shot in my life, he almost fell off his chair. Apparently that’s something you need even when never leaving Europe or the U.S. . He couldn’t believe how I managed to live and travel for 45 years without some doctor noticing it missing. The way he described it, it’s a very nasty thing to get … and deadly in almost all cases. You might want to check if you are current on your Rabies vaccination!

We all went to get a well-deserved Pizza afterwards.



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