This blog … and how to follow us

I think this time around the blog will be quite different than what I did in 2009. Back then, I spent a lot of time (while travelling) to write longish posts and post-process pictures on the laptop. Looking back, I think I obsessed a bit too much about what to write and which pictures to pick.

This time there will be more posts, they will be shorter and the pictures won’t be as processed … more “Facebook and twitter style” instead of a short story.

So why use a blogging platform at all and not just post directly to Facebook? Because I hate the closed nature of Facebook. It’s almost impossible to share posts outside the system (e.g. via e-mail), they have very questionable terms of service when it comes to how content can be used by them … and not all of our friends are even on Facebook (a shocker, I know!)

Using a semi-open platform like WordPress will make it much easier to “suck out” the content after the trip and use it elsewhere (e.g. to create a photo diary at the push of a button).

In an ideal world, everyone would leave Facebook, get on some open platform and we’d all be using RSS to follow each other. Unfortunately not everyone understands RSS, so here are a few options to follow the blog and us:

1. You have no idea what either RSS or Facebook is, and don’t want to know either:

Sign up to get an e-mail every time we post. Just click on the grey “Follow” button on the upper right. Fill in your e-mail address and you will get a mail asking you to confirm the subscription. Last time this option proved surprisingly popular and we had 69 people following us via e-mail updates.

2. You don’t know what RSS is, but you have a Facebook account (and are already a “friend” of mine):

In this case you don’t need to do anything. You’ll see an automatic Facebook update from me every time we post to this blog. Click on the update and it will take you to the referenced post.

3. You’re like me and much prefer getting your news via RSS instead of Facebook:

Just click on the link to the RSS feed for entries on the lower right of this page. Done. You should get my updates in your favourite reader (I personally like to use Reeder on iOS and the Mac, which syncs with Google reader).


4 thoughts on “This blog … and how to follow us

  1. chelsea langman

    Fabulous, l look forward to following your blog, so envious! If you head to nz, your very welcome to contact me! (met in samoa taufua fales 2009).

    1. Uwe Post author

      Hi Chelsea, of course we remember meeting you at Taufua in 2009! And, trust me, you would have already from us if we were going to NZ ;-). But after spending six weeks in your beautiful country, we thought we’d give your neighbours a try as well. Having said that, please let me know if you have any “insider” tips for Australia. So far we are thinking about a 4 week camper van trip from Brisbane to Cairns and another 4 week trip from Alice Springs to Darwin (including the Kimberleys).

      1. Chelsea

        Fabulous! I am Australian and from just out of Melbourne. I highly recommend you visit Melbourne if you get a chance, the most beautiful city to visit, though cities can be hard with kids. It is high up on the most popular city in the world. Otherwise what you are doing in Aus sounds amazing, such a huge country it is hard to decide what to do. Good luck and have a fab trip. We are looking at heading to Bali and will try and book Bali T house in Ubud for sometime. Can you recommend anywhere else in Bali you have stayed by the coast? We stayed in the Shell Bungalows in Rarotonga from your recommendation and it was fantastic. Take care and safe travels. Chelsea

  2. Uwe Post author

    We debated heavily whether to start the drive up to Cairns from Melbourne or Brisbane. In the end (due to the season), we decided to go with Brisbane … but who knows, maybe next time 🙂

    Regarding accomodation in Bali. Of course we’d recommend the T-Houses highly, but also the Puri Lumbung cottages ( near Munduk. Not cheap, but the sunset is absolutely spectacular.

    We’ve never stayed anywhere near the coast in Bali, but have heard good things about the Bloo Lagoon (

    We also really enjoyed paying a (very reasonable) “day guest” fee at some of the nice resorts and were then able to use their pool landscapes and kids clubs. This one here was great:

    You might want to stop by the water park as well: (the kids had a blast)



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