It’s a go!

After Anna and I spent countless hours discussing it during the Christmas break, we finally made a decision about a week ago. It’s a go! The memories of our last 5 months trip with the kids are still strong and we feel that we just have do it one more time.

We’ll be taking a parental leave of absence for five months and will be travelling with the kids from mid-March until mid-August.

But don’t you have to quit your jobs? Isn’t that expensive? Don’t the kids have to go to school? Dangerous? … have a look here to read the FAQ 😉 And here is some info on the current plans for our route.

As we’re only eight weeks away from departure, we’re now spending every free hour planning the trip. Flight tickets, guest houses, insurances, equipment, finances, rental cars, vaccinations, … the list is endless and a bit daunting.




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